Roadside Assistance & Recovery

Sunset Assistance offers & Explanations

***Please read the description of the service you are requesting so there are no surprise charges when time of service comes***

Please provide our dispatch with correct and accurate information, if Info is wrong there may be added fees

Ex "Car is located at 123 simple street"  "Car is Located on left shoulder of Interstate 00" "Car is on 3rd floor of parking garage"

Sunset Dispatch Division Number 720-990-8790

Towing Services

When all else fails, a tow may be the only way to get home before dinner hits the table. Sunset partners with many tow companies but offers a lower rate than directly calling. Towing starts at $100 after that $5 is added every mile.

EX. Service cost & Mileage

Recovery operations

If your vehicle has found itself in a ditch or dead on the roadway for no reason, Sunset has the capability to pull/push your vehicle to a safe spot to await a tow. If Emergency pulling/push is not possible, Sunset can provide you a towing from our partners.(Added cost)

EX. Service cost

Fuel Delivery Service

Fuel delivery is available for any type of fuel for when your tank runs dry unexpectedly. The price of fuel is added to the cost of the call. Cost is dependent on station prices.

EX. Service cost + Fuel Price

Flat Tire Change or Repair

Flat tires happen, so Sunset is equipped to help you out. Sunset asks if there are keyed lug nut(s) to have the key and to inform us if there is a spare. If there is no spare tire Sunset can aid in getting a spare for your vehicle (at added cost). Sunset also has tire patch kits and air supplies, so there is never not a solution to your problem.

EX. Service cost 

Jump Start Service

Vehicle batteries dead or failing to start? Sunset can help add a positive charge to your day. All sunset vehicles have JNC-550 or equivalent jump boxes to provide an added spark to your day.

EX. Service cost 

Lock-out Service

Lock-outs are when there is no access to your vehicle, either by forgetting keys or the key fob battery dying unexpectedly. Sunset has the tools and expertise to unlock your vehicle.

EX. Service cost 

Barricades for contract

Barricades are the act of blocking a live lane of traffic to provide a safe working space for tow truck operators or roadside operators. Sunset prides itself on this often over-looked fact.

EX. Cost by contract