Sunset Assistances Partners

RPM Towing

RPM Towing is the main big hitter when it comes to our supporters not only is there training but both RPM and Sunset operate off the same digital dispatch software streamlining all calls, allowing for decreased response times. RPM and Sunset are not only linked in dispatch but also in overall prices and services. If you see a Sunset Vehicle it most likely is following a RPM Truck to provide assistance. RPM also boasts Medium duty capabilities.


Action towing has not only the same abilities as RPM and other companies but has extensive experience with wreakers and parking garages. Action has been an amazing partner not only in assisting Sunset in times of need but also returning the favor to Sunset Assistance.

PRIME Towing

Prime towing is another one of Sunset's partners. Prime has a amazing fleet of dodge 5500s that are all over when dispatch is welmed we turn to prime to easy the work load. Sunset can not guarantee the same prices we offer but Prime is there for us and we are there for them.

 Leo's Towing

Leo's towing is a new partners to Sunset and are quick and reliable with a large fleet able to always be a front runner in the towing industry in Colorado With Medium duty capabilities.

 Big Game Towing and Recovery

Big Game offers us with the ability to assisted heavier vehicles. Sunset is proud to be able to assist the drivers that keep America moving on the daily with Big games helping hand.

Local Law-enforcement & Fire/EMS

Although not officially partnered with local agencies Sunset Assistance is not shy to be on the scene of an accident or rollover. Often finding and reporting to 911 dispatch what and where an incident has happened. Sunset Assitance works to control the situation until Agancys can respond. This means providing life-saving first aid, fire control, traffic control, and involved persons reports. Sunset Assistance's goal is to buy important seconds for first responders. Sunset plans to give aid wherever we are, doesn't matter county or jusidiction. The goal goes from fixing car troubles to saving lives and controlling difficult sences. Sunset wants to thank Aurora PD and Fire, Arapahoe County Sheriff, Jefferson County Sheriff, South Metro Fire, West metro fire, and many more of the sacrifices made to protect and save lives.