About Sunset

What is Sunset Assistance?

Sunset Assistance is a roadside assistance company covering major areas in Colorado.  Sunset can provide Lockout services, Pushbar Operations, Emergency short distance towing, winch-outs, Emergency jumpstarts, Unleaded and diesel fuel delivery, and Tire changes. Sunset Assistance has connections with some major towing companies like RPM and FRC. Sunset also has you covered for lane blocking to keep tow truckers safe and able to do their job effectively and efficiently. Sunset Assistance and its vehicles are certified and have all the equipment to assist you in having a brighter afternoon from big to small.

3 Pillars of service 

 Sunset Assistance wishes to provide you with the service you need if that be from towing, transport or outfitting. We have 3 divisions of operation for you to choice what best fits your needs at the time you call.

What we stand for

 Sunset Assistance stands for 5 core Values Humanity, Expert Service, Affordability, Community, and 24/7 Availability. Sunset and its driver are there for you not you there for us. If something is out of price range for you mention it and we can find a price that works. Sunset offers to stop for any one stranded FREE of charge. We actively are looking to make the community we work and live in a better place day or night, sun or rain.

Our Fleet

Sunset Assistance utilizes an F-150 that is fully equipped for controlling highway situations such as lane barricades and accidents. SSA-110 has been equipped with a push bar for moving disabled vehicles from live lanes of traffic. 

Our Fleet extended

Sunset Assistance now has full capabilities to tow or recover you vehicle with a f-450 Self-loader tow truck. We hope to keep proving 5 star service with our expanded fleet.


Sunset Assistance is partnered with many companies in the state of Colorado. Sunset is proud to have been extended a hand to work with these amazing companies and to offer our services in partnership with these companies. If we are unable to serve you we are dedicated to getting you service 24/7.